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If you didn't catch Sing India Sing on opening weekend, block your calendars for November 16, 2018, when it comes to Saint Andrews Auditorium in Bandra. You'll thank us, especially when you hear the (all original) music.

Tiding you over until then is a playlist from the eleven cast members of the show, plus director Nadir Khan, bpb's favourite boy forever. #heart.

Abhishek Krishnan: My current favourite is, undoubtedly, Hamilton. I love it because the soundtrack paints the visuals and tells the story. I'm transported and absorbed into that world once I hit play.

Asif Ali Beg: Graceland. The combination of Paul Simons songwriting genius with the earthy rhythms of South Africa and the amazing sounds of Ladysmith Black Mambazo make this album a must have in any music collection.

Brian Tellis - My favourite band of 2018 is City And Colour. I love their latest album Guide Me Back HomeTheir lyrics and melodies are very powerful yet easy on the ear...what’s interesting is that the band got its name from the main man Dallas Green..(city and colour).

Delraaz Bunshah: The Shallow by Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper from A Star Is Born. This ballad talks about diving deep into your passion , leaving the shallow past behind, which every artist aims for.

Kamakshi Rai: Black Panther: The Album. Two words: Kendrick Lamar. His music was the star of this film. It is dark and twisted and I've listened to it everywhere - from my daily 5km to the shower.

Naquita D'souza: Amy Winehouse's Frank. Of the plethora of electronic music, techno, hip hop I grew up listening to, Amy’s modern jazz vibe had an immense influence on me and really helped me find my sound.

Sarosh Nanavaty: The Downward Spiral by Nine Inch Nails. Trent Reznor is an absolute pioneer in grimy, industrial sounds. He eased into the digital era of engineering and programming and made the transition from analogue to digital smooth and seamless, without compromising analogue integrity. The darkness of the album along with the beautiful dirty, gritty tones are what got me hooked to the band and the music.

Siddharth Basrur: Effloresce by Oceansize. My favourite album by my favourite progressive band. It has just about everything I could want in an album. Heavy, chuggy riffs to beautiful, ambient sections. I own it on vinyl, and it's one of my most prized records.

Suchitra Pillai: Fields Of Gold - The Best Of Sting 1984-1994. Because it has so many songs that resonate with what I was going through in my life during that period. Happy moments, relationship woes, and just easy listening for any time of day and night.

Tavish Bhattacharyya: The Beautiful Game by Vulfpeck. Discovered the band with a song called Cory Wong which is the 10th song on the album and have been hooked ever since! Disco/old school/funk vibes are life.

Uday Benegal: Big Red Machine. Because Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon and Aaron Dressner from The National redefine the magic of music and sound.

Nadir Khan: I've pretty much only listened to the soundtrack of #SingIndiaSing for the past year. The one indulgence I allowed myself, when I needed a break, was to reacquaint myself with U2's discography on long drives to rehearsal. And, POP is absolute genius. A huge change-up from their sound upto that point, and an experiment that rocks my world. Every single song is a gem and cements why they're one of the greatest bands of all time.

Happy listening!

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