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Are you a bad girl and are you wearing sleeveless?

If that question has been plaguing you and not just ironically, we suggest you head over to freshly launched e-zine, The Ladies Finger to lighten up and perhaps find some perspective.

Making a not-so-shy debut last week, The Ladies Finger is an online magazine with a “sometimes tongue-in-cheek, sometimes serious” check on everything to do with women. You heard it ladies, it's almost the transcript version of some of those conversations the Sex and the City crew had over brunch.

Girls Just Wan To Make Puns

From a correspondence course on self-love (we hope you lock that bedroom door), fun things to do in Madhya Pradesh - mass weddings and involuntary pregnancy tests - 21 types of people with feelings, a completely original Bechdel test to evaluate a movie's worthiness, and an ask Iron Maiden (the terrible pun here had us reeling) section where an anonymous person (we're guessing a bored Arts major) answers questions posed by users calling themselves “wanna come” and “that kind of tablet”.

Nisha Susan, co-founder of the magazine, shares that unlike a magazine with a definitive voice and point of view at The Ladies Finger, they're “refreshingly not chasing (or, even creating) a fake angle. Essentially, we write about everything and everything is up for discussion”. 

 Of Legs, Links and Love

While the articles are sometimes entertaining, we're hoping they grow up to be more Jezebel and less Cosmopolitan. Like our Editor said, if you're happy and you know it, spread the legs… err, we mean link - which is

 The Editors at Theladiesfinger also put together their list of four recommended blogs, especially for bpb readers. Trolls ahoy!





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Wake up to daily updates on what to eat/shop/do in your city

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