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If you want to be the peach of the fruit bowl, this Guava has your back. 

Ready to make you look and feel good is GuavaPass, an app that gives users access to thousands of boutique fitness classes in Asia and the Middle East. Mumbai is its 12th city conquest, which means you don’t get to make excuses anymore. 

Here’s How GuavaPass works: The app, seamless and super easy to use, lets you plan your fitness schedule up to ten days in advance. It has a rainbow of fitness styles to browse, from popular to niche, including yoga, belly dancing, CrossFit, pilates, bootcamp, and more. Sign up (membership options are as low as Rs. 1,999 per month), and enjoy the option of trying a combination of classes (which means you’re not stuck doing just yoga all month), from Mumbai’s list which is all about “curation and discovery”.  

City partners so far include Tangerine Art Studio, Sunaina Rekhi, 303 Cross Fit Drive, The Space Juhu, Nitrro, ShivFit, Reset, f45, Training, Movement Sanctuary, and more. This is also great for those who travel a lot within Asia; GuavaPass has the benefit of a multi-city pass.

Our favourite bits of this fruit: GuavaPass gives you access to unlimited memberships, flexibility and even provides cancellation options. Corporates get better (heart) rates, so pitch this to your HR department ASAP!  The idea also is to build a farm-fresh community in Mumbai, one that gets treated to special GuavaPerks, an exclusive partnership program with deals and promotions from health and fitness industry partners. Thrown in for good measure(ments)?  

And lastly, GuavaPass does gift cards, which means you FINALLY know what to get your vegan-butter-smearing, pilates-proud, gluten-free friend. 

Bonus: BPB readers get 50% off their sign up on any pack they choose. Use code BPBLOVESGUAVA.

Getting there: Visit their website here.

Wake up to daily updates on what to eat/shop/do in your city

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