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Think of Fitness First as your training coach and super health conscious buddy, rolled into one.

While this fitness club will ensure you drop and give them 100, they will also ask what you had for lunch today, and frown at the sound of samosas. “Did you have your kale today?” they’ll ask. Just like your buddy does.

“You deserve the best” is Fitness First’s motto, which means members get access to top class facilities, services and programs. Expert trainers and certified nutritionists come together to plan your health regime, ensuring your body gets the attention it deserves, by using scientific methods to evaluate your current fitness levels and helping you set future goals. Seriously, Fitness First, did our quinoa-eating, organic-exercise-mat-wielding buddy tell you to ask about our future plans?

And here’s the cherry on top: all their clubs are located at convenient locations so you can pop by during your work break, or while commuting to and from the office. Like we said before, you deserve a good (leg) raise this quarter.

Getting there: At all Fitness First clubs across India, call +919004104442, visit their website here.

Wake up to daily updates on what to eat/shop/do in your city

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