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Saurabh Doshi wants to remove the prescribed six degrees of separation between you and the next opportunity, while also offering you a safe, productive space to work, and discounted home rent in the tower next door.

"I've based this on the concept of 6 degrees of separation which states that all people are six, or fewer, social connections away from each other, which simply means that if you want to know Barack Obama you are 6 people away from having a chat with him. We want to directly connect people or simply put, skip those 6 people between you and the person you want to know," says Saurabh.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, believe it. Doshi, founder of One Degree, Mulund, wants you to visit and thrive in his 4,000 square feet shared office that seats 80 people, has 3 private cabins and grants members 24/7 access.

Other amenities include a conference room, a kitchen, a cafeteria, parking, high speed internet, phone booths for privacy, and a breakout room, where you can just sit, relax or even nap. Take a sleep of faith?

And the icing on the cake: that home rent we told you about earlier; plus special discounts or free passes to in-house events, seminars, gaming nights and yoga sessions.

Sounds like the Om sweet Om we need.

Getting there: C 208, Bhaichand Textile Mills, 100, LBS Rd, above Union Bank, Bhandup, Sadan wadi, Bhandup West, call 98192 03141. Follow them on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube & Linkedin

*This post is sponsored by One Degree*

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