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Say “cheese” for the dentists over at Therapeuo Clinic, Cuffe Parade, experts who are ready to make you smile…well. We’ve already told you about why you should become a Therapeuo regular ASAP, so now we’re going to focus on their new cool tool: Dental Smile Design or DSD, pivotal in the clinic’s popular smile make-over service.

Captain Smirk: How Does DSD Work

Book an appointment “to design your own smile”, and the DSD will, through the use of videos, photographs, and temporary mock-ups, help the Therapeuo experts get a better sense of the relationship between your lips, gums, teeth, face shape and how they work together to create your smile. In the second dental visit, you will be shown your new custom-made smile and an opportunity to review it with them live and in real time.

Upon approval, they will complete the restoration process with veneers which are the thickness of your fingernail. Finally, the process is finished with a polishing treatment that will help your teeth look shiny and clean. Say Watt! Finally, the process is finished with a polishing treatment that will help your teeth look shiny and clean. Say Watt!

We love that the DSD diagnoses takes only 6 minutes for you to see a digital but super realistic “new smile” on your existing set of teeth. Also, the DSD test involves no pain – did you hear that dentist avoiders? – or anesthesia. 

Grin And Bear It: Why Choose DSD?

A complete solution like DSD pretty much eliminates the chances of surprises – and no one wants those in a dentist’s chair – with experts showing you visuals of exactly what to expect at the end of a procedure. Therapeuo experts tell us that their smile make-overs are often employed by celebrities; brides and grooms before they take the plunge; anyone who needs to correct gummy/crooked smiles; those who face the camera often – which let’s face it, today, is EVERYONE; and also anyone who just wants a better, more confident smile.

All you have to lose is six minutes; and all you have to gain is the best smile ever. Say cheese!

Getting there: Visit 38/39 Maker Arcade, 85 Cuffe Parade, call 22165910/11/12 or 9833142225, visit, follow them on Instagram here  & Facebook here.

*This post is sponsored by Therapeuo Dental Clinic*

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