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When we visit Dr Munjaal Kapadia in his work habitat – the Namaha boutique hospital - we expect him to be sketching his feet or making a watercolour of the croissant he ate only minutes ago. We’ve seen his lovely in-between-appointment water colours on Instagram, so hey, a team can dream. 

Instead, he’s running between scans, and insists we drink some tea or coffee while we wait. When we politely decline, he offers us, with a straight face, “blood tests on the house”. Again, no thank you, doctor. 

She Says She’s Fine: The Podcast You Should Be Listening To

You may have gauged by now that this 38-year-old is not your regular doctor. The gynecologist runs a multi-specialty hospital, and if you follow him on Instagram, that seems incidental to all his other interests – taking photographs, sketching the statue of David and telling stories about his family. Dr Munjaal’s latest project straddles both these worlds, combining his medical expertise with his ability to make digital stories both, engaging and endearing. 

Say hello to She Says She’s Fine - out last week -, a new podcast that features candid conversations with seriously kick-a** ladies, meant to highlight a variety of women’s issues from menstruation and IVF to miscarriages and yes, boobs. Or as author Meghna Pant puts it on one of the episodes: her “udder phase”.


Who's On It?

The podcast is hosted by Dr Munjaal and carried on the shoulders of women like authors Kiran Manral and Meghna Pant; chefs Pooja Dhingra and Kainaz Messman; actor Rytasha Rathore, poet Aranya Johar, Sakshi Juneja and more. The conversational podcast is at once happy and forlorn, witty and worrisome (in that it makes you think about your own health and get a check up right away). 

The first episode featuring stand up comic and improv artist Kaneez Surka and Aranya Johar, talking about sex, was out this past week, following which episodes will be released periodically. The podcast is out on Apple and Google podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Overcast, Pocketcast..."basically everywhere you listen to your podcasts".

This Apple obviously won't be keeping the doctor away.

Getting there: She Says She's Fine, download here, free. 


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