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TraveLibro: TraveLibro is a must for your wander lust. Download this app to gain access to a travel social network that allows travellers to tell their stories in the coolest way. Capture journeys solo or create beautiful shared timelines with co-travellers while on-the-go, using check-ins, photos, videos, thoughts, and reviews. And you get to revisit your timeline at any point to relive memories. In short, use TraveLibro to discover travel stories and to draw inspiration for your next trip.

Download the app here, follow them on Instagram here and on Facebook here

Dysco: Finally, a platform that combines social and professional networking. Turn on this Dysco light to illuminate your professional identity and showcase your work. This app allows you to collaborate with like-minded people, hire skilled individuals for projects and look for exciting work opportunities. Basically, Dysco connects you with those around, in your city and in your industry, and helps you forge meaningful professional relationships. 

Download the Dysco app on the App Store here, on the Google Play store here, follow their blog here, on Instagram here, and on Facebook here. 

Scootsy: Our expanding bellies are witness to the fact that Scootsy is one of the most used apps on our phones. We’re big fans of their partner curation and love the fact that we can order a Fiama pizza from Trattoria, chocolate-coated potato chips from Royce’; and Pack-a-pav at the same time. See what we mean about our bellies?

Download the app here, follow them on Instagram here and on Facebook here.

Uber: We don’t remember what we did before Uber: how we hopped between meetings with ease and went out drinking without a driver or a care in the world. PS: UberGo is currently running Power Hours, where you get 15% off on rides between 11 am and 5 pm on weekdays (no promo code required).

Download the app here, follow them on Instagram here and on Facebook here.

Airbnb: This travel app is super smooth, aiding if not encouraging you to make plans to wander near and far. If you’re hosting, it’s even better, with a great UI allowing easy access to chat windows and guest reviews.

Download the app here, follow them on Instagram here and on Facebook here.

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Photo Credit: An Airbnb in Azores. 

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