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Do dwell on deferred moon landings, but also swell with a tide of artists who are celebrating lunar phases in the interim.
Tomorrow, when the moon is full and Colaba’s Daulat Mansion is bathed in a silvery light, artists will circle a live model on the top floor, who they will attempt to draw; you can join in too. Please note: despite how this sounds, it’s a live sketch party, not at all a sketchy party.
If you don’t get a seat tomorrow – few spots left – still follow Ikattha and its lunar list of things. Ikattha (Hindi for gather) is a new-ish co-working studio for artists of all kinds. Currently, writers, musicians, graphic designers, painters, illustrators work here for a mere Rs 7,500 a month. Their lunar calendar promises one cool event on every full moon night, that non-residents can participate in as well.

...and the beautiful bones of an old Bombay building to seriously inspire you.

Through Ikattha, founder Ilesha Khandelwal, an installation artist and paper maker, is offering a by-artist-for-artists studio; free rein; 24/7 access to the studio in case creativity strikes at odd hours; and the beautiful bones of an old Bombay building to seriously inspire you.
A fishy bouquet, despite its proximity to Sassoon Docks, is absent, we’re assured. “But best of all, Ikattha gives you the chance to be around artists who are constantly making work, which we all know is a great driver for productivity,” Ilesha tells us. Current in-studio artists routinely share reading lists, music, critiques and can often be seen working in a community group space, a mass that “grows and shrinks according to each others’ needs”.  Which means that cubicles, private corners and group tables can be used as per your requirements.
Ikattha opened quietly a couple of months ago, but they’ve “purposely” kept a low profile, a word Ilesha uses often during our conversation, while describing the slowness of a day’s pace at the studio and event programming that isn’t just about entertaining you.
As for tomorrow’s live sketch event, Ilesha insists that it isn’t just for painters and illustrators. Anyone can join, so pencil this in.
Getting there: Ikattha, top floor, Daulat Mansion, opposite Sassoon Docks, Colaba, visit, follow them on Instagram here for event and RSVP details, Rs 100 per person for the live sketch event.

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