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We told you about fancy gym I Think Fitness, owned by the lovely people behind Pali Village Café way back, and now it’s finally started to take shape and form. Running trials for family and friends for the last couple of months or so, this sprawling Bandra gym that lets you browse Facebook while you run in Cape Town (explanation below), is now open for membership.

A friend who recently started working out here says the best part about I Think Fitness is not its fancy machines, but the 32 feet high ceiling and huge glass panes. But co-owner Suren Joshi would love if you would appreciate the certified trainers and equipment too, featuring brands that you’ll also see at singer Madonna’s Hard Candy Fitness Centres. If names will ring a bell, we’ll rattle off a few – the cardio line is by Free Motion, there’s a Real Riders spinning section (sign up for a class) and other equipment by Hoist. Also, the cardio machines here feature android tablets that let you browse the Internet, while you choose a setting of what country you want to run in, and the incline and decline will change accordingly. We wonder if India has a special pothole setting. Look out!

What’s a Suren and Mishali venture without the word ‘Pali’ in it?

There are no television sets here (a conscious decision) playing music channels or cricket matches. Instead, just two projectors screening fitness videos and club and house music. The space has quickly filled up with celebrity members so be prepared for some interesting distractions.

Coming Soon: Café & Garden Yoga

What’s a Suren and Mishali venture without the word ‘Pali’ in it? Starting next week, I Think Fitness will have its own Pali Café (only for members), featuring certain dishes from Pali Village Café – grilled fish, chicken and more – and also healthy drinks and shots with wheat grass and aamla. There’s even going to be beef, but cooked in a healthy way. Dinner and dumb bells, anyone?

They’re also working on a 1,000 square foot garden upstairs that will house open air yoga, as well as a badminton and basketball court in the compound downstairs. But perhaps the biggest draw are the cute boys that work out here –  aspiration for men, ration for girls.

And that’s the whole(istic) story.

Getting there: I Think Fitness, St Paul’s Media Complex, 24th Road, TPS III, opposite Duruelo Convent, Bandra (W), call 9870223000/9870112000 or email, view the Facebook page here, membership fee depends on packages.

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