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You're so shallow, it's time you moved into the deep end. And Mr Michael Phelps is here to help.

This sentence is only partly true. The first bit about you is spot on, but the second part involves a swim program "master franchised" by Waveline Sports, from the internationally renowned swimmer. The program uses pools across Mumbai and Bangalore and welcomes people of all ages and skill levels.

Trunk Show

In an open air swimming pool at Badhwar Park this summer, flanked on one side by a copse of palm trees, coaches wait to do what summer cannot - cool you down. But this soak does not come without a strict syllabus.

The instructors have been trained in the "Michael Phelps approach" which we're told focuses on water-safety, elite technique and stroke refinement. This swim program started late last year in Colaba, but is especially relevant now as new batches for all ages get added and starting June, you can hire a private instructor from their pool of coaches to train you in your building / club / rooftop swimming pool if you'd rather skip the hazards of public baths.

Note: they aren't great at answering the phones, probably because they're out swimming  most of the time. "Persist," like the coaches would tell you or visit the Badhwar Park pool in person.

And while you're at it, read our throwback story about Mrs Bhatena, the 82 year-old swim coach in Mumbai.

Getting there: At Badhwar Park, Colaba, call 8291728894 and ask for Azim, Rs 10,000 + taxes for 24 sessions with a validity of 6 months; 2 and 48 session packages are available as well.

Photo Credit: Mária Švarbová

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