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You might already be aware that Maithili Ahluwalia runs lifestyle store Bungalow Eight, but dear readers,  this is the Ahluwalia bungalow you really need to know.

Set inside a 1930s Art Deco family mansion at Carmichael Road, is a 750 square feet, fully furnished luxury apartment available to rent starting March 1.

On an e-tour we are told that all the original features of the apartment - high ceilings, old tiles - are intact, and it's also furnished with lovely things that make a house a home. Masks and peeling old photos sit on consoles and watch you from above the bed; a slick black kitchen can't wait to learn your family recipes; and a gorgeously tiled bathroom is stocked with sea shells that you can whisper your darkest secrets into.

The flat can be rented for a week - alert visiting house guests and travellers  - but also for a long term lease. PS: Ask nicely and they'll give it to you for a shoot as well

Real (e)state of the art stuff.

Getting there: Available beginning 1st March, 2019. For inquiries call 9967033001/ 9892192342; or email, price on request.

To list your personal or commercial property on bpb for a small fee, email with " bpb Bricks" in the subject line.

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