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Standing at Pali Naka’s main street, you will have to make the ultimate H2o decision: pani puri at Punjab Sweet House or pani pods at the new wellness centre that ripples right above it.

We know you’ve already picked the former, but also test the water upstairs at The Liquid Sanctuary, where cool kids take naps in fancy salt-water tanks. Okay Bandra, don’t roll your eyes just yet. You’ve been sold 600 rupee avocado toasts and 5,000 rupee vintage aunty clothes in the past, so we know you’re going to probably bite the bait.

The good news is that the Liquid Sanctuary team just set up a similar “floating experience” for Taj Mahal Hotel, Colaba’s new rendition of JIVA spa that opens at the end of this month. Plus, they had us at “great hangover cure”. Read on for all the g(l)ory details.

R.E.S.T In Peace

Spouses Puja Amin and Digant Joshi run the attached yoga and floating studios, respectively. They fit the part too. She’s worked in international healthcare development, completed several teacher’s training yoga courses, and sports a tattoo in Devanagari script; he is in the family business of selling minerals and has an Om tattoo on his forearm. All cred boxes checked so far.

As we are taken on a tour of the premises, Digant explains that Floating, also known as Restricted Environmental Stimulation Therapy (REST) involves floating in a dense (Epsom and Dead Sea) salt water solution, which provides a buoyant, zero-gravity feeling. “There are a host of restorative benefits, including reduction in fatigue, back pain and muscle soreness; improvement of sleep patterns; and reduction of stress,” Digant tells us

About that muscle soreness and Epsom salt bit? Our gym trainer is making his i-told-you-so face. But best of all, Digant promises it will cure your hangover, just like Floating did for him back when he used to live in Singapore.

Liquid Sanctuary opens next week, with two sound-proof tank rooms that attempt to ape the jungle and the beach. During half hour, 45 minute or one hour slots, prepare to cut off from every outside world notification, except a baboon or dolphin call, depending on which room you pick.

Pali Thigh

Near this faux beach and already functional is The Movement Sanctuary, Puja’s share of the land - a shell-white studio with plants and sunlight, where seven instructors teach different schools of yoga. Their Monsoon Pass will get you a discounted rate, plus the option of popping in and out of different classes with the exception of Pole Star, a super fun pole dancing class (we’ve tried it!) taught by the feisty Smilly Suri.

Still want the pani puri downstairs?

Getting there: 1st floor, Dheeraj Arcade, Pali Naka, above Punjab Sweet House, Bandra (W), call 9820195737. Rs 5,500 for 8 classes, Rs 7,000 for 12 classes (Rs 1,000 off any monthly package for the Monsoon Pass).

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