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In honour of the author’s newest novel (out today in India and opening to some rather unfortunate reviews), we rank all of Salman Rushdie’s works of fiction.

1. The Moor’s Last Sigh: The sheer pleasure of this delicious, colour-drenched caper edges it over, for us, the more critically acclaimed Midnight’s Children.    Moor’s is Rushdie at the height of his powers, tender, imaginative and so, so funny.

2. Midnight’s Children: Recipient of many awards including the Booker of Bookers, Midnight’s Children is every bit as good as the hype that surrounds it – and that almost never happens. Just don’t watch the movie version.

3. Haroun & The Sea Of Stories: You’ll always find a copy of this at the bpb office, to be thumbed-through during breaks or when we’re stuck for puns. Required reading for every self-respecting Shah Of Blah.

4. Satanic Verses: We’ll never forget the glamour of being the only ninth-grader in the whole school to possess this banned, beautiful, gratifyingly long tome, smuggled in by a cousin from the U.S and carted around in our school bag for months. Better than being prom queen.

5. The Ground Beneath Her Feet: Our first Rushdie disappointment; still, it was about rock-and-roll, New York, Bombay and many other awesome things. Plus, Bono got involved.

6. The Enchantress Of Florence: Best read for the nostalgia of when Rushdie was our favourite author in the whole wide world, apparent still in flashes, odd paragraphs describing two opposite-looking prostitutes that always worked together, or a royal decree that required all the women to be naked for a day, so that they would become friends again.

7. Luka & The Fire Of Life: The second son was loved a little less.

8. Two Years Eight Months & Twenty-Eight Nights: Not even an army of horny genies could save this book.

9. Shalimar The Clown + Shame + Grimus: Only for when you’re on the middle seat on a long plane ride and the sleeping pill isn’t kicking in and the inflight entertainment isn’t working.

10. Fury: Let’s forgive the man. Padma Lakshmi can addle the sharpest mind.

Photo Credit: Sroop Sunar

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