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bpb’s latest list, a logistics directory of sorts, helps you transport everything from yourself to your St. Bernard, your gold fish and even an elephant (in the room) across the city, country, world. Plus, how to ship expensive paintings, jewellery, money, wine, and the best things on wheels.

Objects of Your Desire: Moving Stuff Around 

Art & Sculpture: International auction houses and art galleries swear by these companies when it comes to shipping their valuable art pieces within the country and internationally. Nouveau reach? G4S security company (, Siddharth Logistics (

Plants and Trees: Vriksha Nursery can move your plants – even if you didn’t buy it from them – anywhere in the country. They recently relocated 18,000 plants, shrubs and even large trees within 48 hours, from a building that was going into redevelopment. Their trucks come with gardeners and plant care equipment. 1 Ganga Apartments, Irla Railway Society, Vile Parle (W), call 9820704069.

Carpets & Antique Rugs: Hands Carpets, behind the carpets at MGM Grand Casino in Macau, The Armani Hotel in Dubai, The Ritz Carlton in Singapore, The Palladium Hotel in Mumbai, use KWE to transport their antique rugs and recommend them for their impeccable care packaging and timing. Visit

Have an odd item that no courier service or packer will accept? We thought you might, you creep. UShip runs an online market place where you can sign up and enter the item you want to transport and get shipping companies to bid for your business.

Frozen Meat & Cheese: While most people in Mumbai just use an icebox, dry ice and a car to deliver frozen foods on a small scale, special refrigerated vans can be ordered as well. Anish Chinai, an advertising executive who also runs a meat and marinade delivery service, recommends VG Frozen Food Carrier (61626414) and RK Foodland (rkfoodland.comfor larger orders. Also see Brattle Foods (call Deepak from the Mumbai office on 8826991755).

Wine: FineWinesnMore makes customised bags with sections for wine bottles and also temperature controlled boxes for 1,2,4 and 6 bottles. These you can purchase from them even if you aren’t buying their wines. Laxmi Industrial Estate in Andheri (W), visit

Perishable Hampers & Bulk Gifts: Just Deliveries specialises in delivering perishable, high value, fragile products within the city. They distribute bulk gifts and hampers for Taj and Trident Hotels, and did the birth announcement hamper delivery for actress Aishwarya Rai. Also great for wedding card distribution and corporate gift delivery. Vans are temperature controlled and come with racks for wine and careful handlers. Call 9769557799, email or visit, start at Rs 100 per delivery.

Musical Instruments: Paramount Services helps transport musical instruments and gear across the country for gigs and concerts. PS:Norah Jones used them too during her India tour. Email, call 28327911.

Fish & Large Animals: Need to transport a large horse, zoo animal or mini aquarium within the city or across the country? Of course you do. Jetex Oceanair helps with transportation and handling of larger animals across India. See website here, call 9004848168.

Your Home: These movers and packers offer complete end-to-end solutions, whether you are moving in or out of the city. See their international or domestic relocation services and even orientation packages (for home finding, to set up basic utilities, spouse support and networking) for a new city you’re in. Writer Corporation, Dee their website here, call 66170100, write to them at writer.relo@writercorporation.comNippon Express: see their website here.

Important Documents: Law firms in the city recommend Blue Dart’s priority service to send contracts, college applications, transcripts and other important documents. They ensure domestic delivery by 10:30 am the next day. Contact your nearest BlueDart centre, see their website here, minimum charges Rs 450.

Natural Ice Cream: Travelling for Diwali to meet relatives? Surprise them with a batch of fresh Natural Ice Cream from Mumbai. While they don’t courier the package for you, they will pack it in an icebox that keeps it fresh and rock hard until you reach your destination. Contact a Natural Ice Cream branch near you, minimum orders of 2 kgs, which includes four family pack boxes, Rs 1,100 inclusive of packaging.

Expensive Jewellery + Cash: Have your family jewelry and/or cash transported anywhere in India or abroad using the secured vaults of logistical service, Lemuir Logistics Pvt. Ltd. Be prepared for some daunting paper work, though. Call 61126112, freight charges are a combination of fixed charges + percentage of the valuables being transported.

Biryani and Haleem from HyderabadL These services prove to be twice as rice - Biryani by Air and Pista House will both fly Hyderabad’s famous biryani (from Shah Ghouse Cafe and Paradise) and haleem respectively to Mumbai. Biryani House, 325 Siffin Apts, Ambedkar Road, Bandra (W), call 9699512233, available for dinner only. Rs 1,200 for two plates of Biryani that serve four; Pista House, order here, Rs 575 for a 1 kg tub.

Food delivery from multiple restaurants: Want two dinner courses from two different restaurants? The sites below help you order from more than one restaurant, café or bakery at a time. Meals On Wheels (, Food Panda (, Tasty Khana (, Titbit ( 

Midnight Deliveries: Pizza, chocolate mousse, cigarettes, condoms, mixers, tampons. You’re having some night aren’t you? Fly By Knight ( and Mad Bites ( deliver these at any time of the night.

For the Odd This & That: Have an odd item that no courier service or packer will accept? We thought you might, you creep. UShip runs an online market place where you can sign up and enter the item you want to transport, get market players to bid to ship for you and choose the cheapest option. See their website here, view their video on how they work here.

Get Up & Go: When You’re On The Move

Food Delivered to Your Train Seat: If you hate railway pantry food, there are several services that ask for your PNR info, help you choose dishes from the menu of a nearby restaurant and have hot food delivered to your seat at the point of boarding. Visit http://www.travelkhana.com;

Best Bus Services + BEST: Have a flock of visitors in the city for a family wedding? Luxury Limo offers Volvo and Mercedes mini coaches and buses (they rent out high end cars as well) that are perfect for that fancy Mumbai darshan you have planned. In a bit of a downgrade, you can also organise a party on open air BEST bus. And Grallo provides bus services for music festivals including NH7 Weekender, Sunburn and more. Visit; for BEST call 24145237 and speak to Mr Jadhav; visit

Bands on Buses: White Collar Hippie organises Band on the Bus, live bands on buses that are heading to music festivals, camp sites and sometimes to who knows where and back. Visit for details.

Plane/Chopper Rentals: Much money must greet the fleet at that allows you to charter flights within the country and internationally as well. Reservations need to be made with adequate time in hand. Charges depend on the plane/chopper you hire and these generally operate out of the T2, International Airport (Mumbai). Call 28250272/73/74/75 and contact Mr. Khalil.

Seaplane RidesMTDC in collaboration with Maritime Energy Heli Air Services Limited (MEHAIR), has launched a schedule of seaplane services that has sea flights from Juhu airport to Pawana Dam, Nashik, Mahabaleshwar, Shirdi, Talegon and Aamby Valley. A good way to feel like you’re in an Indiana Jones film! Visit, Rs 2,999 for a one-way trip from Juhu Airport to Pawana Dam, email, call 26172929. 

Segway Rentals: Rent a Segway – apparently also big on the baaraat circuit - from Segway Races. The ride will be delivered to your place of your choice (conveyance will be chargeable). For more information call 61801582/9820602218, starts at Rs ,9000/- per ride.

Vintage Classic Car Rentals: If you must make a getaway, do it in a Rolls Royce, Jaguar or Chrysler rented from the VCCCI. (B)Ride away! Call 22664773 / 9820082637 or log on to, start at Rs 20,000 a day.

Rickshaws You Can Book Online and Hail On Whatsapp: If finding a rickshaw in your neighbourhood is a pain, you can book one on Autowale’s website. The only bummer is that the minimum distance for plying has to be 6 kms. Log on to and fix your ride. Much sexier is Sandeep’s rickshaw often spotted around Bandra, which comes with newspapers, LCD screens, Wi-fi, fancy upholstery and sometimes, his favourite film promotions. Call 9594236040. Hail Deepak Shewale’s rickshaw in Bandra that can be ordered via Whatsapp. Call 9768617980.

Skyrunners, Pogo Sticks for Sale: Monkie Gears’ Skyrunners and Pogo Sticks seem like the best way to skip (over) Mumbai’s traffic. Buy on, email, Skyrunners (adults) start at Rs 16,500 and Pogo Sticks (adults) start at Rs 9,000.

Driver Services: Can’t drive. Too drunk to drive. Your calves hurt. Party Hard Drivers, call 43331333; Driver in Mumbai, call 8080468686, Dial-A-Drive call 98215-DRIVE (37483). 

Cool Taxi Services: Vira Cabs and Priyadarshini Taxi services are meant for women and are driven by lady drivers only. And if you’re heading to Goa this season, Goa Tourism has just launched the Women Taxi service with lady drivers trained in self-defense techniques. The cabs are also equipped with GPS and card payment options. Meanwhile in Mumbai, Uber launches uberX, an AC cab service with costs almost as low as taking a regular black and yellow. Finally, Ola Cabs allows you to book regular black and yellow cabs as well, through their app.;; for Women Taxi call 08322437437;;

Stretch Limo Rentals: You’re way past prom age, but you’re never too old to get together a bunch of buddies and booze for a stretch limo. Call 9890467667 or log on to, starts at Rs 25,000 (4 hours) and Rs 45,000 (8 hours).

Padmini in Pictures: Mumbai’s Padmini taxis may be fast disappearing, but you can get to stop and stare (at them) on photographer Aparna Jaykumar’s website, through her Goodbye Padmini series. See here.

Carpool Apps: Be kind to the environment and find people to car pool to work with in your neighbourhood. Visit or

Boat Services: Besides taking a regular ferry (PNP and Malda) to Alibaug from the Gateway of India, there is also a fleet of yacht and motorboat charter services provided by West Coast Marine (, Ocean’s Blue ( and Gateway Charters (

Baaraat Bar Carts: Rahul Akerkar’s (of Indigo Deli) Moveable Feast catering service offers mobile bars stocked with booze and quick nibbles that moves alongside the groom’s baaraat. How thoughtful! Call 43490000, visit, will be part of a larger wedding event catering.

More Bars on Wheels: This bar on wheels pops out of a suitcase and can be assembled at your home in under fifteen minutes, mixologist and bar assistant included. Holy spirits, Batman! Call 9821302348 / 9820468682 or visit, Rs 5,500 for five hours with the mobile bar and mixologist.

Idol Transporters: Vishal Band arranges decked out flower chariots to transport Ganesh, Durga and other religious idols. Call 61632732.

Customised Cycle Makers: Faisal Thakur and Zubair Lodi build custom-made bikes including art ones with graffiti ladders and pull out palettes; silver Alien bikes with attached telescopes; and on one client’s demand, a cycle that looked like a Harley. Ply them with enough cups of tea and they’ll be happy to share maintenance tips. Shirley, Pali Hill, Bandra (W), call 9769712311, view the Facebook page here.

City Walkabouts

Travel Logs City Walks: Travel logs organizes alternate walks and tours around the city around communities, areas and festivities. Sign up for their upcoming walks on the East Indian community, a Halloween special walk and more. See their calendar here, call 8425830004.

Mumbai Magic: Keep guests from out of town busy with Mumbai Magic’s “a la carte” city tours, or better yet, get Deepa to customise a trail for you. Call Deepa on 9867707414 or log on to, start at Rs 800 per person for group tours. 

Past Life Regression Therapist: And finally, for the traveller who has been to everywhere and back, how about time travel? Dr. Trupti Jayin, who used to have a celebrity TV show (yes, that makes her legit) conducts past life regression sessions. Call 9820858816/9830858816, email, a 3 hour session for Rs 10,000/- (first session) and Rs 5,000/- (successive sessions).

See you in another life!


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