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Rhea Chhabria still remembers the day she got caught in a Tide at Juhu Beach. A giant Tide detergent bag, to be more specific. Several hundred, actually.

Rhea, an ex designer at Bata, has been volunteering to clean up Juhu Beach for the last year now, and “among the debris, a recurring sight was always the plastic straw.” Skinny and sinister, this villain tormented Rhea for months, until she decided to create its kinder alter ego.

And so Suck In was born, an initiative that manufactures bamboo and stainless steel straws for the big bad times we live in. Still using plastic? Jump sip already!

Potion Control

These Suck In straws are sold in kits of two, four, eight, twelve and twenty, packed in lovely re-usable muslin bags, each containing a long straw cleaning brush to maintain hygiene. “The bamboo straws can be re-used up to 20 times, and the stainless steel ones function like your regular cutlery.”

These, Rhea sells to individuals, and also supplies to some of the city’s best restaurants including The Table and Bastian. And for next steps, she’s working on crafting cheaper prototypes that can be used by Udipi restaurants and coconut water vendors.

While these are the definitely the kinder options, Rhea actually recommends that you don’t use a straw at all. “How about you don’t suck so much?” Good advice on most days.

Getting there: Call/Whatsapp 9769320031, follow them on Instagram @suckin_in, Rs 100 for a set of 2 bamboo straws and Rs 300 for a stainless steel pair. They ship all over India.

Hat tip to @AnushkaDisco on Instagram who led us here.

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