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Bright coworkers, brighter rooms and a big ol’ swing. Sold, to the man in flip flops working out of Starbucks. And also to the lady typing furiously at home in her unicorn print pajamas.

Entrepreneurs with and without teams, let 2020 be the year you take your business to the next level. Helping things along is Ministry of New, the country’s prettiest, most well-thought out coworking space.

This Ministry of high-ceilinged, well-lit rooms and green corridors, floats above the chaotic streets of Fort, teaming with smart, interesting professionals. The decor is lovely, complete with stunning rugs and chandeliers, couches and swings, all poised to inspire you (and fuel your Instagram feed).

The Ministry of New team describes it is “as a place that feels like home, where you’ll meet people from around the world, be able to bounce ideas off new friends and create exciting partnerships.”

Now Available: A Lair For Your Team

A little birdy told us that a Ministry of New Team Room has become available – a private office where you can work peacefully, minus distractions, with your team of up to 10, before stepping out into bright courtyards or to the cafe to mingle. They also have a calendar of real rad events, which often involves drinking beer, and neighbours like the Financial Times and University of Edinburgh.


Getting there: 3rd Floor, Kitab Mahal, 192, Dr Dadabhai Naoroji Rd, Azad Maidan, Fort, to book call 66356505 or click here, follow them on Instagram here.

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Wake up to daily updates on what to eat/shop/do in your city

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