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This August is all about celebrating the power of female friendship. In light of Friendship Month, here’s a super speedy way to get to know some of the most interesting women in the country, brought to you by bpb and Bumblebff.

They’re sharp as tacks, boss ladies to the max, cool, compelling, and just all-around amazing women. Psst: one of them bakes the best apple-cinnamon pie…do you need another reason to be her friend? Didn’t think so.

You’ll find them + other lovely women in Bumble’s bff mode, a great way to make new friends, whether you’re new to the city or looking to expand your circle. Download the app here.


Rohini Ramnathan, Radio Jockey, LGBTQi Rights Advocate, Intermittent Actor

Being friends with Rohini is not unlike being friends with a television set - she’s super entertaining; has non-stop energy; and a gazillion fans.

Currently binge watching: Pose on Netflix.

On my reading list: The Vegetarian by Han Kang.

Ideal BFF hang out: Spending a day scouring markets in any city or watching some form of art. 

If you like this we can’t be friends: Post 90s Salman Khan movies.

On weekends I: Hit a bar on a Friday night with my friends. On Saturdays we make errands fun (yoga is an errand). On Sundays, I cook. 

Can’t wait for: The day I stop procrastinating my personal projects. 

Stalk me and you’ll find: An intense love for Bollywood, an even more intense love for a good cup of chai (lemongrass and adrak are a must!) and that I have tiny wings attached to my feet (even though the world may call them bunions). 

Follow @rotalks on Instagram and Twitter.


Supriya Nair, Journalist

Supriya is the next big story. The journalist has worked at Caravan and Mint Lounge and has been published in The New York Times, Mumbai Mirror and Vogue.

Currently binge watching: Rookie Historian Goo Hae-Ryung on Netflix.

On my reading list: The Art Of Rivalry, Sebastian Smee's book about artistic competition.

Ideal BFF hang out: Pool day followed by disco night.

If you like this we can’t be friends: Prime-time news debates.

On weekends I: Go to yoga and read a novel.

Can’t wait for: The next big story.

Stalk me and you’ll find: First drafts of small ideas and big feelings.

Follow @supriyanair on Instagram; @supriyan on Twitter.


Nitya Arora, Jewellery Designer and Founder of Valliyan

This girl is pure gold. The jewelry designer’s pieces have been worn by everyone from Nicky Minaj and Kim Kardashian to Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Katy Perry.

Currently binge watching: The OA on Netflix.

On my reading list: The Bhagwad Gita by Parmahansa Yogananda.

Ideal BFF hang out: Eating, drinking and chatting at home or at the beach.

If you like this we can’t be friends: Cutting down trees and forests for “development".

On weekends I: Enjoy minimal interaction with the world.

Can’t wait for: Me to have my dream body.

Stalk me and you’ll find: That I really enjoy the work I do.

Follow @nitya.arora and @valliyan.


Sakshi Bhatt, Bollywood Producer, Vishesh Films

Sakshi, who has co-produced some of Bollywood’s biggest hits in the last decade including Aashiqui 2, is calm and resourceful, exactly the person you want sitting on the life raft next to you when the world is ending.

Currently binge watching: The Handmaid’s Tale; and One Spring Night, a Korean show on Netflix.

On my reading list: Biography of Frida Kahlo by Hayden Herrera.

Ideal BFF hang out: Staying home and playing card games.

If you like this we can’t be friends: Nothing at all. Like what you like, just don’t impose it on me.

On weekends I: Go out for drinks at a new bar in town or my usual watering hole.  

Can’t wait for: My next vacation. Wherever, whenever it may be.

Stalk me and you’ll find: That I'm very lazy and have a mild e-shopping addiction.

Follow @sakshibhatt on Instagram and @sakshib8 on Twitter.


Neysa Mendes, Founder @goodslice

Friends claim that Neysa has the solution to almost everything (last minute cocktails, cold cures, kale sources), which explains her “all-things-happy” venture and its following. 

Currently binge watching: Glow on Netflix. Jane Fonda-esque leotards, an 80s vibe and a mostly female cast? I'm in. 

On my reading list: Three Women by Lisa Taddeo. 

Ideal BFF hang out: A picnic in the park with blue skies, sunshine and time for naps and reading. 

If you like this we can’t be friends: As I get older, #YouCantSitWithUs just feels like a waste of energy. 

On weekends I: Bake, and then tempt friends into visiting me for tea and lemon poppyseed cake.  

Can’t wait for: The sunshine to return.

Stalk me and you’ll find: That I drink green smoothies, love a solo dance party, and never say no to dark chocolate.

Follow @goodslice on Instagram.


Sarah Gonsalves, menswear specialist, co-founder, SS Homme

Sarah is as sharp as the suits she makes. In between measuring up celebrities and choosing her next hair colour, the “uber meticulous” friend will also re-organize your life. 

Currently binge watching: Peaky Blinders on Netflix.

On my reading list: Yohji Yamamoto: My Dear Bomb by Yohji Yamamoto. 

Ideal BFF hang out: Reminiscing about school days while eating momos made by her Amala.

If you like this we can’t be friends: Being messy!

On weekends I: Face time with my bff in Boston and go to mom’s for a home cooked meal on Sundays.

Can’t wait to: Take our menswear label international; for my nephew to grow up super fast, so I can dress him up to be dapper; and for The Crown, Season 3.

Stalk me and you’ll find: Me looking for reference pictures for my next hair color and often, re-organising my younger sister’s beautiful home (which needs my constant attention).

Follow @sarah.s_g and @sshomme on Instagram.


Heena Punwani, Pastry Chef, The Bombay Canteen & O Pedro

Best.Pie.Maker.Ever. Also a happy traveller who talks to her plants.

Currently binge watching: The Boys on Amazon Prime.

On my reading list: Rice, Noodle, Fish by Matt Goulding.

Ideal BFF hang out: Chatting over good coffee and dessert.

If you like this we can’t be friends: Ketchup on pasta.

On weekends I: Avoid exercise, talk to my plants, and obsessively research my next travel adventure. 

Can’t wait for: My upcoming trip to Japan.

Stalk me and you’ll find: Me in the kitchen conducting new flavour experiments, hunched over a book or going to great lengths (and awkward poses) to get a good photograph.

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