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Three women in buns and one man with great buns have started stretching in the studio below the mezzanine, which means it’s time for us to wrap up our chat with Cindy Jourdain.

Her ballet class for grown ups is about to begin, so we rush past the cotton candy lace-ups strewn across the ground, and do a pirouette outside the door because we just might have found our favourite fitness studio.

For one thing, it’s hidden deep behind a building called Island Heights, has a view of the sea, enough breeze to challenge the most stubborn chignon, 20-feet high ceilings, and then there’s that ballet class which makes us want to re-read Colum McCann’s Dancer.

Dance Lessons For Writers

Cindy, a French national, moved from London to Mumbai four years ago as private trainer to actor Katrina Kaif. After the year-long project came to an end, Cindy, who was a Principal Ballerina with the Royal Ballet Company in London for 20 years, decided to stay in Bombay.

Since then, she personally whipped many Bandra booties into shape, all the while dreaming up a studio you’d want to visit everyday. “A homely place, you know?” Last month, she finally launched Beyond, which houses multi-disciplines that Cindy believes complement each other. “My ballet class is for beginners and is not restricted to young people; my oldest student is in her 50s. Ballet is just a really great base for good functionality and bio mechanics.”

But Cindy doesn’t want you to get obsessed and “be neurotic” about just one regime. “The idea at the studio is to make you open up, try new fitness routines and lose your inhibitions.” And so in addition to ballet, you can sign up for Hatha and Vinyasa yoga classes, plus sessions that combine the two schools, led by the “soft spoken” Dhara Vachharajani. There’s also training by a Crossfit instructor; a strength and conditioning class; and another that’s called Cindy’s Bootcamp. Fall in line!

Creaking Old Bones

Upstairs, appointments can be booked with IPL physiotherapist Tamara Zweck, and a nutritionist and osteopath are being added to the roster as we squeak…er speak. A boxing class taught by an Olympic level boxer and a self defense session are also waiting in the wings.

Thanks for setting the barre so high, Cindy. See you at class!

Getting there: 36 Mount Mary Road, right side of Island Heights building, Bandra (W), call 09833618640, email, Rs 750 for a single yoga class, Rs 1,200 for a dance class.

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