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They had us at Barre. Physique 57, New York’s cult workout studio that borrows from ballerinas and ‘bell lifters has now anchored in Bombay.

Stretch well your imagination or wait until next week when the studio opens at The Four Seasons Hotel, Worli, simmering above the kitchens of San-Qi. If you can’t avoid the food trap below, it’s a good thing that the workout is rigorous – their signature barre-based methods combine cardio, strength training and stretching.

If you’ve seen Physique 57’s studios in New York, the Hamptons, Beverly Hills, Dubai, and Bangkok, you’ll know to expect a luxe set up and classes (Fundamentals, Signature and Amped Up) that cost upwards of Rs 2,000 each. No one said joining a club that admitted Alessandra Ambrosio and Demi Moore was going to come cheap. Although, they do have some great opening offers that you can check out here.

Here in Bombay, Physique 57 gets to flex its muscle thanks to health expert Mallika Tarkas Parekh, who was “committed” to the classes in New York. So it’s safe to say she’s mad about P57.

The Worli studio that squats across 4,500 square feet, will launch with a team of five internationally trained instructors. They’re bandying around terms like “state-of-the-art”, and ensuring that essential amenities – no Balenciaga gym bag, we checked – like locker rooms and showers will be included.

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Getting there: P57 at The Four Seasons Hotel, Worli. To sign up and for other details, visit

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