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Things are finally starting to take shape at The Bombay Art Society, that weirdly wrought building at Reclamation. There’s a restaurant on the ground floor that morphs into a wild, open-until-5am bar on Saturdays; a posh gym where you really ought to be instead; and now on level 2, a movie theatre, even if it functions just on the weekends.

Matterden At The Bombay Art Society is a 100-seater auditorium that has been taken over by the Lower Parel cinema “for the next few years”.  Over the weekends, starting October – schedule to be announced next fortnight - Matterden will showcase programming that consists mainly of rare and foreign movies, classics and forgotten films, and a random one from the 90s that will make you remember how old you really are. Before Sunrise, we’re looking at you. The usual line-up at Matterden flits from Casablanca and Roman Holiday to Belle de Jour and Blue, and enduring marathons from Godard, Kurosawa and Makhmalbaf.

“In addition to our regular programming, we’re also looking at Bandra as a venue for independent Indian film screenings that can be concluded with a cast and crew meet,” a member of the team tells us.

How do we know they won’t abandon the cause and switch over to Bollywood screenings soon enough? Because they’ve stuck it out at Matterden, Lower Parel for years, and didn’t cancel a screening of In the Mood For Love, even though we were one of seven people in the cinema hall.

Movie tickets will be available on and also at a desk for walk-ins. The film and event program will be announced in the next two weeks or so, but meanwhile, the team is relieved that they have a month to source the right kind of interval snacks for you. A Bout de Soufflé?

Getting there: Matterden At The Bombay Art Society, level 2, The Bombay Art Society building, Reclamation, Bandra (W). Follow Matterden on Instagram for movie schedule and start dates.

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