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Dadar Flower Market is where the wild things are – namely Petals and the prickly poppies she’s holding. Against the naked bulbs above the flowers, Petals Deas cuts a shapely figure, not unlike a vase, one that isn’t shattered even though it’s 5 amInstead, she’s up and impeccably turned out (Petals used to be a fashion stylist at Vogue, India), and on a mission to build a career that matches her name. 

The peonies, tulips, chick weed and roses are all being gathered up for Velvet Ribbon, Petals’ new floral delivery service that creates box bouquets and will soon start sending over flowers to your home every Monday, as part of a fresh subscription service. “The freshest.”

Her name is “just a coincidence”, Petals tells us, but other florists know it’s a great marketing gimmick that didn’t need to be thought up. The ones that she has thought up though, include bestowing titles on bouquet designs like Bissous and Bella and Marie Antoinette, which is a blushing brigade of pink roses that probably just realised the poor can’t eat cake. It’s priced at Rs 3,500. 

Another bouquet, the shade of fresh bruises, was originally named Gigil, a Filipino word for the overwhelming urge to pinch someone cute. “I kept receiving messages that there’s a typo on the website and finally, when two aunties from Walkeshwar called to point it out, I succumbed and named it Giggle.” We imagine Giggle is now quite the favourite on the Napeansea Road kitty circuit, a great stand-in for the Chanel No 5-perfumed aunty who didn’t make it this afternoon

Another bouquet, the shade of fresh bruises, was originally named Gigil, a Filipino word for the overwhelming urge to pinch someone cute.

Each bouquet on Velvet Ribbon can be ordered as a box, which Petals thinks you will love because these can be used as centrepieces at parties too, and also as hand-tied bouquets. The site has 18 ready designs conceptualised by Petals, who studied floristry at Jane Packer, London. Customisation can be done depending on the case plus the need for imported flowers, but “I strongly recommend you try the Indian wild ones.” 

The bouquet designs are tony, but simple (if you cant spend upwards of Rs 3,000 per bouquet this is not your garden), just like the stationery and crockery Petals hopes to add to her velveteen empire. “Just think of clean, beautiful things without much fuss. Soft towels, maybe monogrammed, shell pink plates, coral envelopes.”

If it weren’t for the larger, post flower picture, she would have called the business Petals by Petals. Now if that doesn’t elicit a Giggle or a Gigil - then someone ought to send flowers over to soften you up. 

Getting there: Visit, call 9819922305 or email, starts at Rs 3,000, order 24 hours in advance.

Photo Credit: Petals Deas

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