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In Bombay’s noisy nightscape of limited options, there’s a new shhh in town. Enter the Secret Supper Project, a supper club that was born quietly a couple of months ago, and continues to live among whispers.

Chamber of Secrets

Started by four founders who prefer to remain anonymous, and supported by a host of others, The Secret Supper Project holds one dinner a month at undisclosed Mumbai locations; the first was at an apartment overlooking Haji Ali, the second and third at a Worli flat. “We hope to host the next few at unusual locations like libraries and art galleries,” says co-founder K, who has attended a slew of supper clubs in Hong Kong and New York, and has been cooking for ten years including a quick stint at a Goa restaurant. 

From this kitchen come inventive treats, typically six to eight courses, focusing on dishes that aren’t easily available in Mumbai. Like foie gras for instance, or Aysh el Saraya (Lebanese bread pudding). The last dinner also featured pepper pomegranate sake and pork spare ribs with maple syrup, among other dishes. While K heads the cooking supported by co-founders, he would love for chefs and other people from the culinary industry to come forward and contribute.

From this kitchen come inventive treats, focusing on dishes that aren’t easily available in Mumbai like foie gras or Aysh el Saraya. 

How to Attend

The objective of the Secret Supper Project is to hold one dinner a month that is usually attended by 25 to 30 guests. They’re looking for diners interested in and excited by food, proprietors of an adventurous set of taste buds and people who want to meet other interesting city folk. “That’s what the guest list has looked like so far – a mixed bag of creative and corporate, well-travelled diners and also those who work in food,” says K.

To attend, email them on and you will be put on a wait list until your turn comes. They try not to repeat dishes or guests, so everyone gets a seat at the table. Entry fee is determined by the ingredients which star in the food that month (last week’s dinner was Rs 2,000 per head) and is BYOB.

While there have been other underground dinner clubs in Bombay – bpb’s Turning Tables and Umami– we can never have too many surreptitious suppers. Besides, how fun will it be to eat braised shanks at the oh-so-quiet Asiatic Library, if they manage to pull that off! Silence of the lambs?

Getting there: The Secret Supper Project, email to attend, last dinner was priced at Rs 2,000 (cocktails and wine pairings included).

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