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Your two favourite restaurants, on either side of the Sea Link, have been using tin can walkie-talkies all month, to hatch a plan that starts today.

Freaky Friday, but make it Saturday: for four nights only, Americano (Kala Ghoda) and O Pedro (BKC) will be swapping restaurants, chefs, bartenders and menus. Insert Lindsay Lohan-Jamie Lee Curtis GIF here.

Today and tomorrow (October 5 & 6 for dinner), go say hi to chef Hussain and his fishies, who swam to Kala Ghoda with Goan treats – Prawn Balchao; Cafreal Chicken; Choriz Chilli Tacos; new-on-their-menu grilled corn (sounds blah, but it’s delicious) and more. Plus of course, pillows of poe. And on October 12 and 13, chef Alex Sanchez and team from Americano set up shop at O Pedro, BKC, giving Bandra a taste of their excellent pasta and pizza specials (menu will be up on Monday).

If you can’t make it to these two amazing weekends, know that the gifts linger through the week. Today onwards until next weekend, both restaurants will serve Big Swap Specials which include Goan Chorizo Pizza and Vindaloo Margherita Pizza.

And depending on what side of the Sea Link you’re at, end the night with a big batch of Vasco Sours or Apollo Bandars.

And that’s how you shake things up.

Getting there: The Big Swap; O Pedro at Americano today and tomorrow; Americano at O Pedro on October 12 and 13, both for dinner only, see menu and RSVP here.

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