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***This ad is sponsored by The Irish House***

There’s nothing that gives your beer greater joy than to be joined at the table by its friend, grills. And that’s exactly what The Irish House has made possible. This thoughtfully crafted beer menu in association with the Gateway Brewing Co., pairs beer with dishes that have soaked in the flavours of the same.

The malty Doppelganger, a German style dunkelweizen is paired with honey skewered veggies with a hint of Arabica. If you’re looking for a healthy protein kick with your brew try the glazed chicken skewers or with the pepper crusted drumstick. The delicate and classic Sidecar showcases the mild sweetness of Kashmiri apples accentuating the punch of the Jerk-spiced cottage cheese and the beautifully flaky grilled fish with mint & Sidecar paste. Another classic pairing comes with the White Zen, a hefeweizen demonstrating hints of clove and banana. Pair that with smoked potato or sausage, a beer & caramalised garlic sauce and you know you’ve got a winning duo at the table.

It’s the best of brews in your mug and on your plate, pairing up to give you a meal you’ll love. We’re sure there won’t be any spares left behind once you’re done with this meal.

Getting there: Pairs to Spare is on till the 25th of June at all the outlets. 

***This ad is sponsored by The Irish House ***

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