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On June 17, bright and early – what? 10 am on a Sunday is early! - 65 people aligned their spines and minds at Raw Pressery’s awesome Yoga Rise event. 

Venues at A Club, One India Bulls (Mumbai); Nicobar & Nicocara at The Chanakya (Delhi); and SVATMA (Bangalore) played host to a whole day of wellness, featuring yoga classes, bountiful breakfast spreads; and of course, tons of juice by Raw Pressery. Here’s a quick recap of what went down at Yoga Rise. 

Yoga At Rise: Each city’s Rise day started with a two hour long yoga session, attended by city folk from all backgrounds but bound together by a general love of fitness. Yoga instructors to the stars led the classes, focusing on engagement and interaction, and also easing beginners into the practice. At the end, each attendee got to take home his/her ‘All Good. No Bad’ Raw Pressery yoga mat. Plus, a gift tin filled with all the Raw Pressery juice flavours. Great back (bend) present!  

Breakfast At Rise: After class, each Raw Pressery yogi was treated to a bountiful breakfast spread featuring granola bars and oats and muesli, which they paired with Raw Pressery’s gorgeous range of nut milks (buy here). 

Happy Faces At Rise: At the end of the day, what Raw Pressery was left with, was a room full of happy, glowy faces – probably the result of consuming their GLOW juice too -  ready to take on the week ahead, and brimming with positive feedback, hoping that Rise turns into an annual event. 

Amen to that!


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