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Be kind, re-rind this cocktail season by subscribing to Woodside Inn's new sustainable drink menu, spearheaded by zero-waste ninja, chef and mixologist Arina Suchde.

The key with zero-waste cocktails is getting the most out of the ingredients. Working with the team at Woodside Inn (Colaba and Andheri), chef Arina delivers a smashing set of cocktails, using everything that would otherwise become a leftover. The Sneaky Sundae, for instance, uses candied banana peels to crown a frozen banana + peanut butter washed dark rum concoction served in a chocolate covered waffle. The Wheyski Sour is an infusion made using the Whey from in-house ricotta, orange syrup from leftover orange rinds, spent orange rind dust with a dash of bitters; and Wabbit Margarita is crafted from cold pressed carrot juice, bell pepper seed infused tequila, dried rosemary, salt rim and carrot pulp cracker which finds its origins from leftover carrot pulp.

In a similar fashion, spent botanicals, corn milk and spent coffee grounds go into the making of other delicious cocktails on the menu.

Here's to getting Wasted at Woodside Inn!

Getting there: Woodside Inn, Colaba and Andheri, call 22875752/26328963, 11.30 am to 1 am, follow them on Instagram @woodsidemumbai.

*This post is sponsored by Woodside Inn*

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