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***This post is sponsored by Shizusan Shophouse & Bar***

You trust us? Then give us your hand and let us take you back in time to an opium den where you can drink sake, eat sushi and befriend a Piss Alley Cat. We told you this was going to be fun!

Welcome to Shizusan Shophouse & Bar in Lower Parel, a new restaurant that lets you experience the culinary charm of colonial Asia. For those of you who enjoy design, cultural and history, this is the place for you.

To entice you in, here's a glimpse of the making of Shizusan Shophouse & Bar, where you can experience the Asian colonial shophouse of the past in all its glory. This two floor structure brings together design, culture and history of a remarkable legacy for an experience like no other. Come on in!

Inspired by the 16th century shophouse boom, Shizusan has an opium den vibe, two open kitchens for sushi and dim sum theatrics and offers dishes from Vietnam, Singapore, Japan, China, Korea, Philippines and Taiwan. At the 12-ft- long leather bound Sushi Bar, roll with the Sashimi, Nigiri and Maki. Dump the usual dumpling, and instead try the Cantonese Har Gaos or Korean Mandoos. For fresh bites, dig into a salad of Bitter Lemon and Herbs.

But if its street food you crave, the kind you ate on your last Asian holiday, try Hanoi curries like the Massaman, Rendang and Laksa. At this shophouse it's visa on arrival, because over the main course you can be sure to travel though every country in the Asian sub-continent. Start with Korean Buri-Bop or Jajangmyeon, reach out to Japan for the savoury Okonomiyaki and head down for a silken Taiwanese Miso Milk Broth or the Filipino Adobo Pork Belly. Round off with a hearty Kung Pao Red Pumpkin and Lotus Stem fry on a short flight to China.

To further elevate your spirits, head up the abacus inspired staircase to the second floor that houses a high ceiling bar dedicated to sake, whisky and Asian cocktails. Signature Shophouse drinks include The Piss Alley Cat named after Tokyo’s popular drinking street made famous by Quentin Tarantino’s visits, Chairman Mao’s Negroni or a Cocky Rooster that infuses vodka with bird’s eye chili. But of course there is the ubiquitous Japanese sake too, and if you're feeling particularly adventurous, sip on the more potent Shochu or Umeshu. Cheers!

Getting there: Next to Lifestyle, High Street Phoenix, Lower Parel, call +91 70450 04138 for reservations.

***This post is sponsored by Shizusan***

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