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We’re drawn to The Fatty Bao’s ramen bowls like broth to a flame, which is why this month is going to be super rewarding. Until July 20, its ‘Raining Ramen’ at the Asian bistro gastro bar with the ‘Ramen and Soupy Noodles’ festival to pair with the monsoon. The menu, created by Executive Chef Prashanth, celebrates both, unusual and interesting flavour combinations of Asian soupy noodles, from Taipei to Thailand.

You can start with the Kamo Negi Ramen, a combination of grilled duck breast, scallion, leeks, citrus ponzu and duck broth, baby bok choy, shichimi. We’re eying the Spicy Crab Gyoza and Miso Butter Ramen, a hearty offering of smoked tomato and shellfish broth, miso butter, crispy shallots and lime with spicy crab gyoza. Pork lovers, the Paitan Ramen, is a multi-layered story of rich chicken and pork broth, spicy minced pork, roasted pork belly, bamboo shoot pickle, Kombu, marinated egg and soba noodles. For a current of Thai flavor, the Northern Thai Khao Soi Noodles and Chicken delivers rich creamy curry paste, coconut milk, crispy fried noodles, egg noodles, lime, chili oil, shallots and fried chicken in bang-bang sauce. For something more delicate, the Taipei Oyster noodles await: seafood stock with bonito flakes, black vinegar, ginger, poached oyster meat, somen noodles.

Vegetarians, they haven’t forgotten about you; the Vegetable Mixian is prepared with a wonderful vegetable broth, spiced tofu, lotus chips, baby bok choy, bean sprouts, sweet and spicy miso bean sauce and scallion. We recommend you be a little adventurous and get the fresh, fragrant Green Tea Ramen instead.

Here’s our final recommendation: bring lots of friends to the ramen festival so you can order one of each. #BowlGoals

Getting there: Mumbai - Ground Floor, Summerville, Linking Road, Near KFC, 14th; 33rd Cross Road, Bandra West, call 26005220.

Bengaluru - 610, 3rd Floor, 12th A Main Road, 80 feet Road, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar, call 080 4411 4499.

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