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If you raised your glass(es) to The Bombay Canteen’s gorgeous Art Deco cocktail menu last year, this year, you’re in for another treat.

Take your seats for The Bombay Canteen’s new Talkies of Bombay book + party – the show’s about to start.

In act I, they present the special edition book which features six talkies, six cocktails and 1 map, a great souvenir for visitors and locals alike, for Rs 650.

The book also doubles up as the Bombay Canteen cocktail menu for the season, where each cocktail promises to “surprise you and awaken your love for unconventional pairings”. Their award-winning bar manager Rahul Raghav is stirring up all kinds of trouble; start with Whoopee!, a medley of vodka, plum, wine syrup with Aperol and lime - flavours borrowed from Christmas and wedding cakes found in Regal Bakery, situated in the same grounds as Palace Talkies, Byculla. Zooming in from Lamington Road is Miss Frontier Mail - a mix of rosemary-infused gin, triple sec, lime and orange with egg white - an homage to the action movies played at the Imperial.

If you prefer to swing from the wines, order a Tarzan, made with tequila, smokey single malt, pineapple and turmeric honey syrup, and inspired by Dhobi Talao’s Edward talkies. Other equally showy cocktails are christened China Town, Pinjara, and Sikander.

In Act II, there’s the wildly popular Canteen Cocktail party on October 24, this †ime playing out like a 1930s style premiere party. Go for dancing and daaru, but also for old school tunes + saxophone sounds from Nigel Rajaratnam and Abhi Meer. Our favourite part of the evening though, is the slot saved for The Gentleman’s Club, an amazing drag king performance that you really must catch.

We expect you will be there till curtains down, swinging on the dance floor, Tarzan in hand.


Getting there: The Bombay Canteen, Kamala Mills, Lower Parel, call 49666666. Picturized and directed by The Bombay Canteen and (designed by) Please See, researched and written by Simin Patel of Bombaywalla. The 3rd edition of the Canteen Cocktail Book is available for purchase at The Bombay Canteen.



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