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***This post is sponsored by The Beer Cafe***

Grin-and-beer-it types, does it tax you to keep up with friends throwing back pint after pint? Breathe easy: someone understands. True, it’s the team behind a café with “beer” in its name, but The Beer Café’s always been about more than the pints: there’s all that smashing comfort food, warm good cheer, and the brightest yellow you’ve ever seen, for starters.

Joining these good things is The Beer Café’s long, luscious list of summer cocktails. Think of it as a balanced diet-- you know, with fruits, herbs and tonic? -- for tipplers. Whether you’re a beer-hater, a martini-lover or just someone who wants to live dangerously by mixing drinks (responsibly, please!), drop in to your nearest outlet for a shot at their all-new, all-fresh dainties.

Find here shots of vodka and elderflower tonic; litchi and watermelon tequilas; a ‘Devil Martini’ made with tabasco sauce that will leave you bloody (Mary). A ‘Thai Lassi’ will spike your drink with coconut, vodka and kaffir lime; ‘Yuzu Mojitos’ put some Tokyo in your drift; while you can switch out their perfectly-made whiskey sours for a darker, sexier “Blueberry Sour.” And if you’re counting calories, they’ll even make you a Skinny Mojito with low-fat sweetener so you don’t have to run an extra lap the next day.

Don’t feel left behind, beer drinkers: this new menu expands to include a heady range of “brewtails,” that combine fruity, smoky, spicy things with your beer to create gently foaming magic. And for the rest, there’s sangria, shooters, and more. ‘Ale and hearty? Why yes we will be, thank you!

Getting there: The Beer Café’s new summer cocktail menu is available at outlets across Mumbai, find one close to you here; cocktails start at Rs 295.

***This post is sponsored by The Beer Cafe***

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