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Hey parents, you no longer have to rely on travelling friends to bring back organic food for your toddler now that India has Tiny Spoons, a 100% organic food brand for tiny tots, featuring purees made with fruits sourced from European farms. Bib tickling!

Meet The Dad Behind Tiny Spoons

Tiny Spoons was launched by Dharmesh, a chartered accountant who worked, lived and travelled across Europe with his family. This wonderfully nomadic life gave them access to the best organic food for their baby, Nishka.

Like most start-ups, Tiny Spoons was born out of a want – a want for similar, healthy food options, when Dharmesh and his wife Manisha moved back to India. This led to them sending out the best birth announcement ever – a brand new company. 

Why Pick Tiny Spoons for Your Tiny Tot 

Your little one is still developing in every single way. The use of harmful chemicals, pesticides and preservatives in the tiny one’s food can be so dangerous to their health, especially since their immunity is not as strong as ours. Do you know where the fruits and juices that you feed your loved one come from? Tiny spoons hand picks all its fruits from the organic farms of Europe, just so your little one has the healthiest, tastiest meal possible.

Husband and -wife duo Dharmesh and Manisha travelled to Spain, Austria, Slovenia, Italy, and some parts of the UK, in search of the best organic farm produce. 

Two years were spent researching ingredients and developing recipes designed especially for your little one. “Our product combines the best quality fruits and veggies, is 100% sourced and prepared in Europe under the stringent EU-Organic certifications, and is free of sugar, pesticides and toxins.”

Currently, Tiny Spoons sells two fruit purees: plum and prune, which is a powerhouse of Vitamins B, C and K, and is fortified with fiber and carbs; and blueberry, apple, banana and strawberry, which is packed with super fruits, and Vitamins A, B-6 and C. Both are beautifully packaged and look delicious enough for grown ups to feast on too.  

Why You Should Take Tiny Spoons On Your New Year Trip

Moms and dads, try these and you'll know they’re tasty and healthy; super easy to use; and great for your toddlers’ immunity that is still developing. 

The best part though - as many Tiny Spoons-buying parents will testify - is that these puree packs travel well sans any tantrums. “Our purees can be consumed within 18 months, which make them super convenient to cart around.” 

If you work late and don't have the time to go out and shop at Godrej Natures Basket, Foodhall, Tiny Spoons home delivers via Big Basket (Mumbai, Gurgaon, Bangalore), Firstcry and Amazon.  

They really have thought of everything!

Getting there: Click here to buy form Amazon, call 9819060600, email, visit

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