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Everything is happy and algae this summer as The Fatty Bao takes a new twist on sushi. Presenting Sushi Unrolled (until April 8), where the Japanese delicacy is re-imagined in 14 different ways, including as sandwiches, pita pockets, and even tacos! 

We suggest you begin with a slice of Cross-bred Tuna Pizza Sushi (there’s a veggie version too!) with yuzu marinated thin slices of tuna, jalapeño, cream cheese mayo, tobiko, fried capers and mustard cress. For a prettier portion, might we point you in the direction of the Rainbow Spin Sandwich Sushi, that keeps within it marinated slices of vegetables with Sriracha and tomato caviar. Us? We can’t wait to try the fiery sushi pita pockets (sushi rice wrapped in seasoned, deep fried tofu pockets and filled with shrimp or lotus root) and the crunchy fried eggplant taco sushi. 

And finally, the last Sushi Unrolled, is in fact, a sushi roll. We told you there were going to be all kinds of surprises here. Say hello to Hosomaki sushi - rolled, fried, sliced and topped with cheese. Top picks include grilled soy braised wild mushrooms and cheese, Spicy tempura fried prawns Hosamaki and Cheesy B**f.

So drop by for a quick work lunch or a relaxed after-office scene, or even better – a long weekend dinner fuelled with Fatty’s amazing cocktails. Prices range from Rs 395 to Rs 645, making it an all-weather meal, with a guaranteed rainbow (Spin Sandwich Sushi) sighting. 

Getting there: At The Fatty Bao outposts Mumbai (Powai, Andheri, Bandra & Lower Parel) and Bangalore.  

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