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You may not be in Thailand for the long weekend, but you can celebrate Thai New Year in Mumbai. 

Until April 20, the Big Cat at Palladium is offering a Thai feast that’s big on taste and flavour. Come on down to TYGR, where a Songkran menu pairs crackling dishes with elegant gin cocktails. 

Here steamed chicken fardels couple up with Dirty Martinis and Black Pepper Lamb with Vesper Martinis and scallops sit well with Clover Clubs. In the vegetarian section, traditional Thai corn cakes, charcoal charged rice flour dumplings and veg satay that include the Bee’s Knees and Gimlet Foams. The bar ensures that these traditional cocktails gain a Songkran twist with the additions of homemade brine, syrups and herbs, all inspired by Thailand.  

Happy New Year, indeed.

Getting there: Level 1, Palladium Mall Pedestrian Walkway, Lower Parel, call 9136921735, follow them on Instagram here, Facebook here & Twitter here.

*This post is sponsored by TYGR*

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