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Shizusan, back from its remodelling break, appears to be in the pink of health. Quite literally. Kitted out in millenial pink, the Asian restaurant is the place to go for an elegant sit-down meal.

And now for the yummiest part: glistening inside this pink oyster is parent company Lite Bite Foods' new pearl, and it's called Shibui. Painted in pastels and true to its name, Shibui is shy and minimal, but also a high energy bar, a combination that is at once electric and comforting.

Soup + Coup

Don't know about you, but we're definitely kickstarting the night with a Satan's Whiskers. After that, sample hot new drinks including Rum Rangoon, Shibui Sour and Mary Pickford.

Shibui's culinary offerings encourage our kind of dining: order a big batch of cocktails to pair with a galaxy of bar snacks. (For mains, you must retreat down to Shizusan.) 

Allow us to recommend our favourite small plates Gin Edamame & Shitake Petit Pois, Japanese Futomaki and super slurpy Wheat Beer Soup Dumplings.

A great place to be scene and heard.

Getting there: North Skyzone, High Street Phoenix, Lower Parel, call +91-7045004138, Shizusan open from 12 noon to 11.30 pm; Shibui from 6 pm to 12 am.

*This post is sponsored by Shizusan*

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