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If like us, you’ve known Poetry by Love & Cheesecake since it operated out of a Bandra garage, you love them already. Who doesn’t want to cheer for two people who had the guts to do what you didn’t - quit corporate jobs to follow dreams. Especially when those dreams involve cake.  

Since 2012, Ruchyeta Bhatia and chef Amit Sharma have elevated their made-from-scratch brand to go from just cheesecake to a full service restaurant chain - enter Poetry by Love & Cheesecake- opening branches at prime locations across the city, including Kala Ghoda, Juhu and Bandra.

Speaking of, we’ve missed Bandra’s Poetry outpost and all its 45 flavours of cheesecake, while it was on hiatus. The good news is that Poetry by Love & Cheesecake is back! A  new, shiny avatar of its former self, this recently refurbished cafe continues to be the place to meet friends and dates for confectioneries and cakes, or drop by for a lovely meal.

The space packs enough light to cheer you up in the day and makes itself match your mood at night, which is what makes this a great all-day spot. On the menu: breakfast treats, specialty brewed coffee, cold pressed juices, salads, sandwiches, pancakes, waffles, and of course cheesecake.

bpb recommends: all the Breakfast treats - fresh fruit smoothie bowls garnished with cacao nibs; pancakes with caramelized bananas and whipped cream; sundried tomato omlette with goat cheese; American breakfast with cereal, bacon, fruit and hash browns; savoury Indian crepes; black bean tacos; and a full English breakfast that includes sausages, sunny side up, muffins, homemade baked beans, and Earl Grey tea. 

Sounds like Poetry to us.

Getting there: Poetry by Love & Cheesecake, shop 6, ground floor, Pali Darshan, 33rd road, opp Mini Punjab, Bandra (W), call 8291295412.

*This post is sponsored by Poetry by Love & Cheesecake*

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