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As you bid a teary-eyed farewell to the last of the strawberries, you better make that last batch count.

For this express purpose, may we introduce you to Shriya Naheta, the friendly farmer over at Zama Organics,an organic produce delivery service that works with farms across India so you can get the best harvest without buying imported.  The University of Southern California (USC) business grad tells you to get the strawbs while they last, but also urges you to eat according to a seasonal chart, which is great for your body and the environment.

Thumb through the list below to see the rainbow of produce that you can buy on based on the month of the year. Our 2019 calendar is finally starting to look good. Yours?


Kids, it’s the last of the strawberries. Buy for Nutella + other nocturnal activities you have planned.


March is for summer and summer is for passion fruits, pineapples and hints of aam.

April to May

And it was all yellow! Varieties of mangoes start to appear, sweet and sticky as summer, in April. Shop organic Kesar from the foothills of Girnar, Gujarat; Langra from Uttarakhand and then in May, Hapus from Ratnagiri on

June to August

This is the time to stock up on juicy Himalayan stone fruits! A brief–as-love lychee season starts early June for 20 days; followed by apricots, peaches, plums, cherries and pears between July to end August. 

September to November  

A range of apple varieties from North India arrive to make you feel rosy cheeked and stay the hell away from doctors. Also, chestnuts grown exclusively and organically in Uttarakhand are available from August end to October, which means we expect you to start roasting.

December to February

And in December, we’re back to those fresh treats you love so much, and  no, we’re not talking about us. End the year this way, and you will find no need to make 2020 resolutions. You’ve already done well in 2019.

Getting there: Shop on

*This post is sponsored by Zama Organics*

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