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Lovers in South Bombay, you’re about to get Lucky (biryani).

Thanks to Scootsy’s first long distance food delivery initiative, gourmands in South Bombay can now order in from Bandra restaurants, including the neighborhood’s popular Goila Butter Chicken, the classic Lucky Biryani, BKC's buzzy Nara Thai, and the trendy Kitchen Garden.

Meanwhile, Bandra bellies can order in from Copper Chimney, The Table, Neel, Royal China (you no longer have to mourn the loss of the Bandra outpost) and Trishna. At this point, we’re imagining a giant crab scuttling across the Sea Link. You?

Traditionally restaurants have always limited their delivery radius; Scootsy hopes to “disrupt” this trend. Like in many long distance relationships, they’re taking it slow, offering a few restaurants now, but promise to get more serious soon, that is, expand their roster of partner restaurants that are willing to commit.

We’re all in!

Getting there: Log on to and order your favourites from these restaurants now.

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