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In addition to beer, which we all know as Oktoberfest bait, Indigo Deli is really focusing on Oktoberfest food, which means you get to attend a sausage fest until October 15.

Give two forks for the assortment of German sausages - Chicken Bockwurst, Chicken Chilli or the Chicken Bratwurst - grilled to perfection and  served with the best accompaniment – 3 pints of cold beers!

The rest of your appetite can de dedicated to Pork Knockwurst, Pork Weisswurst and Pork Curlies.; plus Potato Bacon Salad, Gherkin Mash Potato and their famous Beer, Bacon and Apple Pudding.

Now here’s the best part: all this is available at just Rs 750! Only until October 15 so go now.

Getting there: At all Indigo Deli outlets. Follow them on Instagram @indigodelicatessen.

***This post is sponsored by Indigo Deli***


Wake up to daily updates on what to eat/shop/do in your city

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