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Glow with the flow at Raw Pressery’s Yoga Rise, a one-day wellness glamp, stretching simultaneously across Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore, on June 17.  

Sign up and gain access to a morning ripe with fruit and fitness. In Mumbai, celebrity yoga trainer Anshuka Parwani - don’t pretend you haven’t seen pap pictures of actor Kareena Kapoor leaving her class – will preside over Ashtanga and Vinyasa flow yoga classes that you can attend. Meanwhile in Delhi, Classical Hatha teacher Noor (she has conducted yoga and wellness sessions at prestigious institutions like Embassy of the United States, Elle India and We Work); internationally certified Hatha Yoga instructor Charu Phutela; and Tanya Rawal will make you stretch. Over in the Garden City, Yellow Butterfly Yoga's Mehak Puri presides.

Work up your appetite, because waiting for you after is a special breakfast bar featuring smoothie bowls topped with organic nuts and seeds by Nourish organics; coffee by third-wave coffee roasters; and of course, a rainbow of Raw Pressery’s cold pressed juices that blend healthy ingredients to help you glow, trim, shield, build, run and flush.

Looks like Om can be built in a day.

Getting there:   Mumbai - Tickets: (

Delhi – (

Bengaluru - (, Rs 1,500 for a day pass.

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