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Move over Bloody Mary. The Hillcart Tales' aromatic Blood Orange tisane is bound to be the star of your next brunch. 

It’s all we’ve been sipping this month, and you should be too. The Hillcart Tales really knows its tea, a heritage company that has been in the business for over 120 years. They source their teas and ingredients from around the world, after which they are blended in India. 

Here we recommend our favourite The Hillcart Tales’ teas, and just in time for the weekend, we help you couple each with recommended prose, posies and potters. 

What We’re Reading: Half The Night Is Gone by Amitabha Bagchi

This year’s most talked about novel, Half The Night is Gone is truly ambitious and provocative: a grave, multi-layered narrative that deals in thorny questions about family, class, religion and duty. 

bpb’s recommended Hillcart Tales Tea: Koffie Cha-Lush

Strong like the novel’s Mange Ram wrestler, this rich coffee-like infusion of green coffee beans and sweet blackberry leaf is infused with cocoa vanilla overtones, much like the gentle melancholy that permeates Half The Night Is Gone. Pair both with your favourite reading nook and a window with a view of a light drizzle. Taste here.

Koffie Cha Lush

What We're Watching: Japanese Food Shows On Netflix

They’re silly, gorgeous, and a break from the tiresome one-upmanship of food porn. Between Midnight Diner, Samurai Gourmet and Kantaro! The Sweet Tooth Salaryman, they overturn some of the more anxiety-inducing tendencies of food programming to make it safe again for us to eat, and cook, and laugh about both things.

bpb’s recommended Hillcart Tales Tea: Oriental Oolong

With an aroma as distinctive as Japan’s current Netflix programming, the Oriental Oolong is your perfect Netflix & Chill companion. We imagine Kantaro The Sweet Tooth Salaryman savouring this fragrant, aromatic and floral tea the way he would an elaborate custard at one of his favourite dessert emporiums. Marvel at the jewel-toned amber colour; taste the full-bodied flavor of the twisted green leaf; sip and you’re guaranteed to feel refreshed. Pair with crackers and light savoury snacks. Taste here.

Oriental Oolong

Who's Cooking For Us: Gaia Gourmet

Run by ShilarnaVaze and her Swiss husband and business partner, Christophe Perrin, Gaia Gourmet caters every A list party in town, including the recently concluded, much hyped NickYanka (or Prick?) engagement. Gaia’s ladles have also been in the kitchens of actors like Aalia Bhatt, Kiran Rao and ShahidKapoor.

bpb’s recommended Hillcart Tales Tea: Exotic Mélange

Just like Gaia’s expansive offerings, the Exotic Mélange  tisanes are rich blends that promise an array of flavours: dessert, fruits and flowers. Your favourite sweet courses come to life in the form of dessert tisanes, available in flavours like Apple Strudel, Lemon Cake, Caramel Dream and Tiramisu Delight (our favourite!); while hot and cold tisanes come in the form of Blood Orange, and our recommended Strawberry Lime. Taste here.

What We're Wearing: Andraab Shawls from Kashmir

These softer-than-hugs, high quality pashmina shawls are new to Mumbai, and currently reside at the TajMahal Hotel, Colaba. Shop for pure white scarves with the thinnest, bluest edgings; shawls in a range of “natural” shades, scattered with light embroidery; and a clever four point reversible scarf that’s woven together in the middle, opening like a three-dimensional cross. Perch on the boat-like emerald velvet couch while the very dapper Mr Roohid unravels pashminas and rugs for you.

bpb’s recommended Hillcart Tales Tea: Silver Linings

It would be hard to point out which one is more luxurious – an Andraab pashmina or The Hillcart Tales’ Silver Linings, made from long, white velvety buds that brew into a clean and fresh liquour.oth come embroidered with a floral aroma. Health aficionados will be happy to note that this has low levels of caffeine and is less processed as compared to a lot of other teas. Taste here.

Silver Linings

What We’re Gifting: Velvet Ribbon Roses

A girl named Petals arranges flowers in boxes so you don’t have to rack your head about what to gift us the next time you come to visit. Think rows of roses in uberluxe boxes, plus stationery – think personalised gift cards, wrapping paper) limned with leopards and swishing palm leaves. 

bpb’s recommended Hillcart Tales Tea: Jasmine Pearls

There is no such thing as too many flowers. The Jasmine Pearls’ rolled and curled green tea buds are picked at the height of spring, and infused with Jasmine flowers of bright summers. This blend is a glorious intersection of timing, skill and attention to detail with a deep soothing fragrance and stress-relieving abilities. Add to your favourite cup and watch it turn into a golden, fragrant potion, much like Petals’ personalized name tags. Taste here.

Who We're Hanging With: RekhaGoyal At Her Pottery Studio

RekhaGoyal, who graduated in ceramics from Sir JJ School of Art and has a Masters of Arts in Architecture, has been running her studio at Pali Hill, Bandra since 1999. People are still discovering this charming open space though, which crouches just behind the shadow of a Bandra bungalow and underneath the shade of thick foliage. She's definitely our next of kiln. 

bpb’s recommended Hillcart Tales Tea: Magical Mint Tea Pods

Carry your own tea bags/pods to the pottery studio, to make your session doubly relaxing. You will love this toasty tea with hints of mint. We love that Magical Mint comes packed in good-for-the-environment muslin tea bags, with origami foldable coasters. Taste here.


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