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Sometimes you crave solitude like you do, chocolate and coffee, and Scootsy has just the thing for your dining / office table.

A complete meal for one, SOLO is a carefully curated gourmet lunch/dinner. Meal categories include SOLO Feasts (for when you want comfort food), Light & Easy (when you want to keep it breezy), Pocket Friendly (meals that won’t break the bank), Go Guilt-Free (healthy combos), Pick Me Ups (snacks and dessert for when you’re feeling low), and Greatest Hits (a compilation of Scootsy’s favourite combo meals).

Entertaining your table tantrums are restaurants  like Foo, Nara Thai, Keiba, The Nutcracker, TYGR, and Bombay Brasserie. They're well priced and well put together, ensuring that you need no other sides or squads to complete your meal.

For instance, here's what Foo's Solo Meal looks like: Yellow Curry, Water Chestnut With Foo Butter, Japanese Fried Blue Rice and Snickerz.

So light a candle on the table, put on some Sinatra (yes, we know you're really reaching for the Netflix remote) and get in some me-time, fuelled by Scootsy's SOLO meals.

Getting there: Download the app here, SOLO meals start at Rs 190.

*This post is sponsored by Scootsy*

Wake up to daily updates on what to eat/shop/do in your city

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