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Your favourite outcome of The Bombay Canteen's renovation upgrade a few months ago, may be the new alcove, but that's about to change. While the restaurant went on a quick time-out, their team of chefs took a trip to Odisha, and as with all their travels, returned with a bountiful feast for you. Collaborating on this is economist and home chef Alka Jena, who last month, had opened up her home to The Canteen's chefs Shanon and Gaurav, for an Odia feast of staples and specialties.

As a result, this special menu celebrates the lesser-known cuisine of Odisha - seasonal dishes, home cooking and street food, all of which are rich in flavours and spices. If you'd rather leave everything to the chef - and you should - opt for the Odia Experience Menu, a set meal (vegetarian and non-vegetarian) available at dinner only. The four course feast promises dishes like Kadali Monja Bara, a poha-crusted banana stem croquette with raw banana chutney; Ambula-Cured Prawns (Chayote squash for vegetarians), cured prawns with raw mango, fermented chilli, dried mango and cumin broth; Machi Haldi Paani, an incredible boneless Pabda fish in a fresh turmeric and buttermilk gravy; Ouu Khata, a chutney of elephant apple tempered with panch phutana; and Chakuli Pitha or soft rice pancakes. 

A La Carte Menu: Poda + Soda

These dishes can be paired with special cocktails, tart and sweet, made with dried mango, limes, pineapple juice, run, gin, Annapurna wine, betel leaf tincture, litchi cordial and other gifts from Odisha. Remember to also ask for Greatstate Aleworks' ambula beer made just for the occasion.

Non committal diners, skip the set meal to order from the a la carte menu (available for lunch and dinner) which lets you choose from dishes like Sambalpur Mansa Poorga, braised mutton shanks; Macha Haldi Pani, boneless Pabda fish in fresh turmeric and buttermilk gravy; Kancha Lanka Desi Kukuda, country chicken curry cooked in coriander and green chilli; and the showstopper - Kankada Jhola or mud crab with tomato and khada masala.

And if you have room for one more grand finale, order the Chhena Poda, a traditional Odia milk cake baked in sal leaves, served with fresh strawberry compote, at the end. And maybe an encore after the show?

Getting there: Odisha Unwrapped on until December 8 at The Bombay Canteen, Kamala Mills, Lower Parel. Opt for an a la carte experience or the set meal Odia Experience (limited seats; minimum two people; only on pre-order, Rs. 1600 plus taxes for vegetarian and Rs 1900 plus taxes for non-vegetarian).

*This post is sponsored by The Bombay Canteen*

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