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This season, your favourite neighbourhood bar is promoting the right kind of culture(s). New at Colaba and Andheri outposts is a mead and cheese menu – titled the Culture Cousins – which focuses on artisanal produce sourced from across India. #WoodsideGetsCheesy

In the cheese department, you can sniff out Portugese-style crumbly Bandel sourced from Kolkata; a semi soft Italian style Bel Paese and Cheddar from Bangalore’s Begum Victoria Cheese; Mediterranean favourite halloumi, made by Eleftheriain  Mumbai; and French style Tomme by Spotted Cow Fromagerie; along with Goat Cheese from Kodai Cheese, Kodaikanal; and Vegan Cheese from Soft Spot Foods. Thank Gouda for the Woodside boys!

The Cultured Cousins menu will also feature dishes like Chicken Mousse Meatball soup with a crunchy Tomme Cheese pastry on top; a fresh Baked Halloumi & Pear Salad with aged balsamic dressing and bandel dust; Crumb Fried Cheddar and Bel Paese Rolls; Pork Belly-Bandel Cheese Dip;Ham n Cheese Sourdough Sandwich; Vegan Sourdough Toast; Lobster Mac n Cheese and a 5 Cheese Pizza.

And now, let us introduce you to the second, coveted cousin – Moonshine Mead (alcohol made from honey). Bring your mug for Coffee Vanilla Mead - made exclusively for this menu - or opt for mead cocktails like the Smoked Mead Old Fashionedor a Mead Sangria. How about a Honey Bee’s Knees?

The menu is on only until November 30, 2019 so go now!

Getting there: Woodside Inn, Colaba (22875752) and Andheri (26328963), noon to 1 am.

*This post is sponsored by Woodside Inn*

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