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If April fools we must be, then we’d love to be big, fat fools for a feast cooked by Nana Cardoz.

It isn’t every day that she lets the chefs at O Pedro peruse her recipe book, but she’s making an exception for the BKC restaurant’s Easter Feaster on April 1.

The egg hunt on this Easter day will reveal a sunny Choriz Benedict and Ras Omlette Poee. Meatier rewards come in the form of Bosco’s Pork Pan Rolls (minced pork cooked and roasted in garlic and dried chillies and wrapped in a thin crepe and fried); and the famous Easter Pulao (an under-the-sea party of squids, clams, prawns and scampi cooked with rice in a tomato chilli masala).

Non traditionalists, see chef-tweaked Goan Easter treats like Chilled Tuna Tartare marinated in garlic and tomato; Grilled Octopus in Resh-ado topped with shaved brussel sprouts and cilantro slaw. And for the grand finale, Nana Cardoz is bringing out the grand Suckling Pig, marinated with her special spices. We’re getting it for a party of one; sow me!

And sweet Goan memories come baked into the Bolo San Rival, a customary Goan cake with toasted cashew meringue and burnt espresso cream with chocolate crispies. You might need to leave your seat and spot jog after this gargantuan meal; we suggest you do it at the bar where they’re serving Pedro’s Peru Spritzes, tall ones mixed with Prosecco, Aperol, Guava Shrub, lime and topped with soda; or the Dai Kairi, a summer mix of white rum, raw mango puree, lime and homemade spice.

See you Easter bunnies soon!

Getting there: At #2, ground floor, Jet Airways-Godrej BKC Building. On April 1 for lunch (11.30 am to 4 pm) or dinner (7pm onwards). Call 26534700 for reservations.

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