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Of all the culinary pop ups you’ll attend in 2019, this one will win your heart. 

Home chef and culinary expert Sherry Malhotra will host The Undivided Plate at Mustard, Worli, a tribute to the dishes that travelled across borders , to India after the partition. Book a table between August 9 and 13, to feast on the cuisine of undivided Punjab, a galaxy of legacy dishes shared in an intimate space, each bearing stories to savour. 

Sherry is at Mustard Bombay staging dress rehearsals as we speak, making Meat Bali Ram, a dish her grandfather took from his favourite eatery in Lahore before coming to live on this side of the Radcliffe line; Dal Ghotni, a “magical dal” that originated in the Sikh community kitchens; Kachalan, a street food treat made with kachalu (of the arbi family), a gift from the Khatri community; Alu Bukhare Ke Kofte, potato and paneer koftas stuffed with dried plums; Chicken Quorma like they serve near Delhi's Jama Masjid; and Phirni spiked with saffron fit for royalty. Oh mon Sherry! 

And these are just few of our favourite things. The menu also features a swirl of vegetarian and meaty mains and small plates, dessert, drinks and a vegetarian thali that almost makes you want to forego the meat. Almost. 

Getting there: The Undivided Plate pop up from August 9 to 13 at Mustard, ground floor, Atria Mall, Worli, call 9619991166 to make reservations. 

*This post is sponsored by Mustard*

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