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The most exciting moon launch since Chandrayaan-2 is now ready for lift off.  Space suit up for Moonshine, a 2.0 version of the country’s first branded mead (alcohol made by fermenting honey) that we told you about back in 2017.

Since then, Moonshine founders and ex consultants Rohan and Nitin have refined their traditional mead’s taste, introduced new variants and completely revamped its packaging with the help of three bright artists. They’ve combined the oldest form of alcohol known to man – yes, mead pre-dates agriculture – with a circle, the most primitive shape known to man, to create stunning labels limned with big, white moons, that make you want to play REM’s Night Swimming or put on a slinky silver dress immediately.

Apollo Theatre

Our favourite version of Moonshine, inside-out, is the Traditional Mead, crafted with multi-floral honey from Uttarakhand, ajwain honey from Punjab and orange blossom from Nagpur. Outside, graphic designer Nikhil More founder and chief designer at Junglegym studio, chose the Aryabhatta satellite circling the Earth, a testament to modern Indian engineering with an ancient legacy to draw parallels to mead, a modern Indian drink with an ancient legacy.

Next, try the Apple Cyder Mead, a crisp, cold drink that brings you the taste of floral honey and apples from Kashmir. Graphic novelist Anand RK collaborates on this label to create a sliced apple that also looks like an owl’s face. For us, the style invokes Where The Wild Things Are.

And lastly, coffee drinkers, buzz around the Coffee Mead made by cold steeping artisanally roasted beans from Karnataka into a multifloral honey mead. Insta-favourite @TheBigFatMinimalist aka Aniruddh Mehta has taken the mead’s moon on the label, and used symmetric patterns to recreate the traditional Indian Mandala using coffee beans and honeycombs. Sweet!

We can sit here and continue to (wane and) wax eloquent about Moonshine’s mead and their sexy new moonlit bottles, but we think it’s better you try it yourself. Order one at a bar near you – see list here – or pick up a crate(r) from a wine shop.

Getting there: Follow them on Instagram here, Rs 220 for a traditional mead.

*This post is sponsored by Moonshine Meadery*

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