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If you've ever strolled/jogged/kissed/blissed out on Marine Drive, then The Bombay Canteen's new cocktail book is inspired by you.

'People of the Promenade' motivate The Bombay Canteen’s latest bar menu and 4th edition of their much-coveted Canteen Cocktail Book. At the bar, energized by the runner on the promenade, Runners High is a mix of whisky, gingerbread syrup with heavy cream and ginger ale; while Tickled Pink, with its sweet-sour rose-infused gin, is meant to remind you of the Laughter Club. The Bombay-inspired Mighty Aphrodite, who first washed up at The Bombay Canteen courtesy the visiting bar team from Trick Dog, San Francisco, also makes an appearance on the new menu; she comes bearing gin, watermelon vermouth, cherry brandy, saline and orange bitters. Psst: there's also a cocktail called Stolen Kiss - peck it out - and others titled Fighting Spirit, Hair of the Dog and finally The Nightcap, which is a smooth mix of Scotch, toasted sesame, jaggery syrup, green apple juice and clarified milk.

Night night, Mumbai!

But wait...before lights out, know this: 

On November 15th, The Bombay Canteen will host one of its legendary parties, this time inspired by Studio 29, the hottest discotheque during the 80s, located at Marine Drive (RSVP here). Dress retro/disco for the launch of the beautifully illustrated Canteen Cocktail Book, which you can purchase as a souvenir/gift for Rs 700.

We have a birthday coming up! Hic.

Getting there: Party on November 15, RSVP here, at The Bombay Canteen, unit 1, Process House, Kamala Mills, S.B. Road, Lower Parel, call 4666666,

*This post is sponsored by The Bombay Canteen*

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