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This month, your favourite gastropub, London Taxi turns into a lean, ‘Meen’, food machine.

Parked at Kamala Mills, London Taxi appears to have just returned from South India, bringing with it local ingredients and treasured family recipes that allow the kitchen to dish out the tastiest regional specials.

Introducing South Indian Tapas menu + moods

Come for a meal and say hello to award-winning chef Nagraj Bhat, who worked for years in the UK, and recalls travelling to East Ham each time he craved good South Indian food. The place became his comfort zone, “a home away from home”.

Combining this nostalgia with his recent South India travels, he has formulated a South Indian tapas menu he likes to call East Ham Southern Diaries.

Start at the bar first, where mixologist Ami Shroff has whipped cocktails like Why This Cola Berry Di (famous masala cola from the south with a twist of blueberry that goes with or without a large shot of rum); Tadka Taxi (vodka, Hibiscus & Kokum, pineapple, pomegranate, with tadka of chilli & curry leaves); Adulterated Filter Coffee (warm filter coffee made with whisky and house made Bailey’s); Baileys' Jigar Thanda (house made baileys & whisky blended with vanilla ice cream, cashews, almonds and a touch of rose). We’ll cheer to that!

For gourmands, this tasty ode translates into delicacies such as Urlai Roast, Vaazha Pazham Pollichattu, Kaykarikal Urandai, Avial, Bendekai Kodhambu, Tondekai Palya Taco, Kozhi Vepdu, Chicken Roast Taco, Fish Travancore, Meeen Pollichathu, Aleppy Prawn Curry, Panni Irachi Roast Taco.

And at the end, a strong filter coffee cheese cake to keep you up after all that food. Also useful if you decide to – and you should – stay back at London Taxi for a fun night out.

Getting there: East Ham Southern Diaries, Kamala Mills, Lower Parel, available from March 10 to April 10.

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