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While this seemingly innocent cake by Sassy Teaspoon sits on the counter, there’s really a party going on inside it. Want to join? Just cut through it.

December’s festivities continue into January, as Sassy Teaspoon presents Explosive Cakes™. These tall confections contain within them an avalanche of sugar pearls, rainbow sprinkles, Nutties, chocolate truffles and more that come rushing out when you cut into them. See images in slide show for all the fun-fetti!

The patisserie (located at Bandra, Juhu, Nariman Point, Lower Parel & Goregaon) have two versions of the Explosive Cake. For a rush of colour and sugar, order the Rainbow Explosive Cake featuring a gorgeous multi-coloured cake enrobed in whipped butter cream frosting and inside, a storm of Gems, sugar pearls, sprinkles and rainbow funfetti waiting to rush out when you slice it.

Meanwhile, get your friend to order the Chocolate Explosive Cake so you can share; it is tall, dark and decadent, cloaked in chocolate mousse ganache and topped with Kitkat and Snickers. When cut into, get ready for an explosion of Ferrero Rocher, chocolate truffles, chocolate coated butterscotch Nutties, dark chocolate sprinkles and chocolate pearls.

The fillings in these Explosive Cakes can be customised, thus turning every party into a surprise party!

Getting there: Bandra- 7666556655, Juhu- 7666222888, Goregaon-7666222000, Lower Parel- 022-40110544, Nariman Point- 7666222777.

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